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Saving Our Roots

We need your help!

After the unexpected loss of Bob Hansen, the Historical Society began the daunting process of looking for a new location to house the museum. Thanks to the great efforts of the board, the Historical Society moved into their new building in 2022 at 300 E Locust St in Union under a purchase agreement. 

Our goal is to raise $400,000 to purchase our building. 100% of the funds are used to support the museum. We have no paid positions, as many museums do. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that survives completely on donations and the support of our community. So we are requesting YOUR support during this time. We will need to continue to raise the funds under this campaign to pay for it and it be our forever home.

If you are looking for an end-of-the-year tax deduction, please consider donating to allow us to continue to provide a free public museum that offers educational programs, and is a holding place for the history of the people and places in Franklin County.

Our mailing address is

PO Box 293, Union MO 63084


Thank you for your ongoing support!

piano bar.jpg
Piano Bar in Hermann Helps

On May 7 the team at the Piano Bar in Hermann MO helped us raise money and donated a portion of the cover charge to the building fund. Visit this fun place just outside Franklin County. 

Mark and Kathy Matthews
Emmett Becker
Bob and Gail Sawicki
Walmart Union
Michael Haberberger
KJ Unnerstall Construction
Pat and Suzanne Paulter
R V Wagner Inc
In Memory of Gary Howell
John Rachow
Jenny Wallach
Target Washington
Sharon Bolte
Jim Ming
Bank of Washington
Havin Material
Legends Bank
Dan Briegel
Donna Hagedorn
John and Jean Hauser
The Huber Family
Jennifer Bonwich
Walter Jenny
Paul Lawrence
Alice Miller
Elizabeth Schulte
Mary Shaw
John Zimmermann
Lisa Lewis
In Memory of Jeanette Henderson
Jane Van Leer-Stephens
Bob and Barb Danz
Elaine Knuth
Wayne Winchester
Anne Earney
Leroy Portell
Robert Ritter
Bonnie Eversmeyer
Rob Roemer
Tom and Betty Fink
Dawn Bennett
Justin Nevills
Barb Burkholder
Carole Howell
Rosie Brison
Jennifer Cr
Union Historical Society

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