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The Franklin County Historical Society is a dedicated group of volunteers formed in 1969 interested in preserving and sharing our rich history with former, current, and future residents as well as those with roots in Franklin County Missouri, and the surrounding area.

Our communities include: Pacific, Gray Summit, Robertsville, Catawissa, Villa Ridge, Union, Washington, Beaufort, New Haven, Berger, Gerald, St. Clair, Sullivan, Strain, Japan, Leslie, Lyon, Dissen, Detmold, Miramiguoa Park, Parkway, Oak Grove Village, Labadie, Lonedell, Luebbering, Moselle, Noser Mill, St. Albans, Stanton, Spring Bluff, Etlah, Charmwood, Etlah

FCHS Board Members

President: Lynn Wagner (exp 2024)

Vice President: Carole Howell (exp 2025)

Secretary: Jenny Wallach (exp 2025)

Treasurer: Jane Van Leer (exp 2024)

Board of Directors: Jen Rickards (exp 2026),

Anita Otte (exp 2025), Jennifer Crider (exp 2024)


Dues are renewed each June 1

Elections are held each June

Franklin County History

Franklin County, Missouri was founded on December 11, 1818, and named for Benjamin Franklin. The estimated population in 2015 was 102,426. The County seat is Union MO (zip code 63084), which is where our museum is located. We are a part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area. 

Franklin County was occupied by the Osage Tribe at the time of the European encounter with settlers arriving during the Spanish Empire. Population picked up after the Revolutionary War. This area was good for farming with fertile soil. Tobacco, wheat, corn, and vineyards were some of the items commonly grown.

Leading up to the Civil War the German immigrants were outnumbering the slaveholders and the area was primarily Union supporters. General Price's raids left a trail of destruction, but the good men of Franklin County held strong as Price's troops passed on toward Jefferson City. Pacific MO has a replica cannon and marker at Blackburn Park to honor those who fought for freedom.

The military history runs deep from the Civil War to the present. We can never thank our veterans enough for the sacrifices they and their families have made.

Today, manufacturing accounts for almost a fourth of the local economy, but we hold onto our farming heritage across the county with many Century Farms, small family farms, and yes, we still have vineyards with St. Jordan Creek, RobllerKuenzel, and Bias Wineries. Be sure to make them a stop on your Missouri Wine Trail excursion. Host your wedding on a 125-year-old family farm at Haue Valley. Or check out one of our great distilleries, like Pinckney Bend or Point Labaddie Brewery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve and share the history of Franklin County Missouri with our residents, former, current, and future.



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